International Programmes at TED Rönesans College

In his 2005 book titled “A Hat Full of Sky” (Discworld series), the amazing Terry Pratchett wrote: “Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.”

Such true words in terms of TED Rönesans College’s international programs. Our students not only come back home with thousands of new memories, they also begin to perceive their own world from a new perspective. We believe that international programs offer our students very valuable experiences such as self-development opportunities, new friendships, meeting new people, intercultural development, opportunities offered by studying and living abroad and improved language skills.
1Oxfor AQA International GCSE
The International Secondary Education General Certificate Program (International GCSE), which is accepted by many academic institutions and employers around the world, enables students to develop basic skills such as using information, verbal skills, problem solving, taking initiative, teamwork and questioning skills. TED Rönesans College has the authority to implement Oxford AQA International GCSE programmes, and students who study English as a Second Foreign Language and English as a First Foreign Language are subject to International GCSE exams. You can find more detailed information about the Oxford AQA program at the link
2AP (Advanced Placement)
AP is a College Board (organization that administers the SATs) program that allows students to take entry-level university classes at TED Rönesans College. This way, when students start university they can be exempt from certain classes and/or take more advanced classes. AP classes usually begin at 11th grade. AP class sizes are usually small and depending on the class there are 5 to 10 hours of classes per week. Students who wish to study abroad (or at Turkish universities that recognize AP) usually take 2 AP classes, aiming to obtain a grade of 3 or higher (5 is the highest grade available). Should they wish to follow this path, TED Rönesans offers 10th grade students guidance in choosing the AP program that best suits them. You can reach further information via link
3Canada Dual Degree Programme
Starting from the 2019-2020 academic year, TED Rönesans College high school students can participate in the Canadian Dual Degree Programme. Students participating in the programme can complete the Canadian Dual Degree Programme as a result of their success in the English and Mathematics classes that they will attend after school for four years, starting in the 9th grade, and in the exams to be applied at the end of each year. The main advantage of the Canadian Dual Degree is that other international universities, primarily Canadian universities, look favourably on students.
4BTEC (Business and Technology Education Council)
The Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC) qualifications by UK’s largest accreditation institution Edexcel provide the foundations of vocational and applied education in transitioning into overseas universities. BTEC qualification programs include applied, hands-on practices that equip students with the knowledge and skills they will need in university and in their careers. TED Rönesans College will offer the following BTEC qualification programs in grade 7 in the 2022-2023 school year: BTEC Applied Science (L1 Award) and BTEC Art and Design (L1 Award) . Please click for further information about all BTEC programs.
5TED-Canada International Student Exchange Program
Thanks to the special collaboration between TED, Turkish Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Education in Canada, our students have the opportunity for a unique experience in a beautiful country like Canada. Students may begin *a month-long foreign language program (usually takes place during September) or a year-long program (recommended for 10th and 11th grade students).

As per the agreement between the Turkish Ministry of National Education the Ministry of Education in Canada, students receive both a cultural and academic education. Students stay with Canadian host families, attend a local school and participate in fieldtrips, experiencing the culture and hospitality of Canada.

TED Rönesans College works with TED Headquarters and AEI Education on this program.

This is how the process works for TED Rönesans College students:

1. The TED Ronesans International Programme Department makes a presentation to students and parents about the programs in Canada (October).
2. 7th grade, 8th grade and (including the prep year) high school students enter the English proficiency examination administered by TED Headquarters and AEI at TED Rönesans (October/November).
3. Successful students are informed (October/November).
4. Students are selected based on their English proficiency (October/November).
5. The official application process begins (November).
6. Visas and travel documents are prepared (approximately between December-March).
7. Host families for TED Rönesans students are determined.
8. Students and host families send each other letters and photographs.
9. An orientation program for students and parents is organized before students leave the country.
10. In (or around) September students and assigned teachers leave for Canada.

Students’ Experiences of the Canada Exchange Program
6The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Program
TED Rönesans College is proud to be a part of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Program (DOEIAP). The program is open to students aged 14 or above. It aims to support students in stretching their limits, gaining new skills that will strengthen their resume and succeeding in university applications. Students may participate in social service projects, trips and skill-oriented programs. For further information about the DOIEAP, please click here.
Phonics is a fun and student-centered method of teaching to read and write using synthetic phonics. Research shows that the synthetic phonics method is highly suitable for children who are native speakers of English, as well as children who learn English as a foreign language. This method also helps students who experience difficulties in reading. Our Phonics program at TED Rönesans College is the main building block of our preschool and 1st grade curricula.
8International Cultural Programs
London, USA, Europe. These three simple words may fire up students’ imaginations, encourage them to travel with their peers and visit amazing places. The main goal of our cultural programs is to enable 7th grade, 8th grade and high school students to experience vibrant cities with their teachers and friends. While the programs include an academic component (early morning language classes every day), the actual focus is culture—going to museums, art galleries, restaurants, football stadiums, musicals, theme parks and shopping. We began with a trip to London in the 2016-2017 school year; 19 students participated in the program by staying with host families. Touring the city day and night, they got to know it thoroughly.
1. The chosen city is announced (October/November)
2. Brochures are distributed (October/November)
3. Students are enrolled (November)
4. Visas and travel documents are prepared (approximately between December-March).
5. In July students and assigned teachers leave for the city chosen.