The domestic career counseling unit supports students, who plan to prepare for national university entrance examinations and continue their education in domestic universities, and their parents.

As the TED Rönesans College national career counseling unit, our goal is to guide students in choosing the right professions and universities for themselves.

Counseling is a comprehensive process that entails:

• Students exploring their talents, interests and skills,
• Students being informed about the professions and careers in the changing world,
• Students being provided up-to-date information regarding national and international options while choosing their professions and universities.

Within this framework, we carry out the following activities for each student to develop a career portfolio throughout their high school years:

Individual observations and consultations
• Activities for self-exploration and increasing self-awareness
• Presentations of universities and professions
• Career day
• University visits
• Job shadowing program
• Guidance in choosing classes
• Activities addressing exam anxiety, motivation, interest, talent and values

Counseling services are open to students from all grade levels in our high school.