The overseas career counseling unit individually supports students, who plan to attend overseas universities, and their parents.

As the TED Rönesans College overseas university counseling unit, our goal is to provide students and parents with the necessary information and guide them in choosing the right university and major that will make them happy.

Counseling activities include:

* Guiding students in determining their objectives,
* Providing information about the education systems in other countries,
* Guiding students and suggesting the most suitable counties and universities based on students’ objectives and interests,
* Providing information about the application requirements,
* Making suggestions for academic and extracurricular activities to support students’ applications,
* Making suggestions for students to improve their profiles,
* Providing information about overseas summer school programs,
* Providing guidance throughout the application process.

Counseling services are open to students from all grade levels in our high school.
You may contact our overseas counselor Berk Emek to schedule an individual appointment and share your questions.