1 College Board Advanced Placement Programme (AP)
The Advanced Placement (AP) Program, applied in more than 65 countries worldwide, gives students an advantage in overseas university admissions. Students will earn exemptions from related courses in the first year of university as a result of the AP classes they choose and complete. Each year more universities in Turkey recognize the AP Program as well. For 11th grade students who meet the academic criteria, our school will offer the following AP classes in the 2022-2023 school year: AP Chemistry, AP Calculus AB, AP Macroeconomics, AP Biology, AP English Language and Composition, AP Physics 1, AP Art Portfolio, AP Music and AP Comparative Government & Politics.
For further details about the classes, please see the link below.

For information about AP exams, you can contact us via ap@tedronesans.k12.tr
2 Canada Dual Diploma Programme
TED Rönesans College high school students can join the Canada Dual Diploma Program. Starting in 9th grade, students who participate in the program will take after-school English and Mathematics classes compatible with the New Brunswick Canada curriculum for four years. Based on their performance in the examinations at the end of each year, they will be able to complete the Canada Dual Diploma Program in 12th grade. The main advantage of the Canada Dual Diploma Program is that overseas universities, primarily those in Canada, will look favourably at dual diploma recipients.
3 TED-Canada International Student Exchange Programme
Thanks to the collaboration between Turkish Education Association and Ministry of Education in Canada, our students can participate in the “TED-Canada International Student Exchange Program.” With the TED-Canada International Student Exchange Program, students can experience living in a different country and cultural immersion within the safe environment of the month- or year-long exchange programs. Throughout the program, students stay with Canadian families and attend local schools.
4 BTEC (The Business and Technology Education Council)
The Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC) qualifications by UK’s largest accreditation institution Edexcel provide the foundations of vocational and applied education in transitioning into overseas universities. BTEC qualification programs include applied, hands-on practices that equip students with the knowledge and skills they will need in university and in their careers. TED Rönesans College will offer the following BTEC qualification programs in grade 7 in the 2022-2023 school year: BTEC Applied Science (L1 Award) and BTEC Art and Design (L1 Award).
5The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Programme
TED Rönesans College is proud to be a part of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Program (DOEIAP). The program is open to students aged 14 or above. It aims to support students in stretching their limits, gaining new skills that will strengthen their resume and succeeding in university applications. Students may participate in social service projects, fieldtrips and skill-oriented programs. For further information about the DOIEAP, please click here.
6Oxford AQA international GCSE
The International Secondary Education General Certificate Program (International GCSE), which is accepted by many academic institutions and employers around the world, enables students to develop basic skills such as using information, verbal skills, problem solving, taking initiative, teamwork and questioning skills. TED Rönesans College has the authority to implement Oxford AQA International GCSE programs, and students who study English as a Second Foreign Language and English as a First Foreign Language are subject to International GCSE exams. You can find more detailed information about the Oxford AQA program at the link. Click here.
7International Academic & Cultural Programmes
London, USA, Europe. These three simple words may fire up students’ imaginations, encourage them to travel with their peers and visit amazing places. The main goal of our cultural programs is to enable 7th grade, 8th grade and high school students to experience vibrant cities with their teachers and friends. While the programs include an academic component (early morning language classes every day), the actual focus is culture—going to museums, art galleries, restaurants, football stadiums, musicals, theme parks and shopping. We began with a trip to London in the 2016-2017 school year; 19 students participated in the program by staying with host families. Touring the city day and night, they got to know it thoroughly.
1. The chosen city is announced (October/November)
2. Brochures are distributed (October/November)
3. Students are enrolled (November)
4. Visas and travel documents are prepared (approximately between December-March).
5. In July students and assigned teachers leave for the city chosen.