Full Scholarship

Since the 2003/04 academic year, the Turkish Education Association provides full scholarships to high-performing students with limited economic means.

Full scholarship covers the tuition, transport, meal, clothing, textbook and stationery and allowances of recipient students, as well as their dorm fee if they are enrolled in boarding schools.

Full scholarship continues throughout the university education of students, who continue their education at TED schools until university.

Full scholarship exam date, attendance requirements and criteria for the year are announced via Provincial Directorates of National Education in provinces selected by TED Head Office, as well as the official website of the Turkish Education Association.

Scholarship exam applications are received online, as such, there are no documents required to apply. However, applicants are required to submit supporting documents for all information they have provided during application. In case applicants are found to have provided erroneous or misleading information, their application will not be evaluated. Applicants are also required to read carefully the “exam guide” prior to the online application.

Receiving Applications
All applications for full scholarship are subject to announced deadlines. Students who place their applications are required to provide all necessary information online, otherwise their application will be deemed void. Students who fulfill the criteria for the full scholarship become eligible to participate in the exam.

Evaluation of Applications
Full scholarship application evaluations are carried out by the relevant department of the TED Head Office and begin upon the end of the application deadline. Upon the completion of the evaluation, students who are deemed eligible to take the exam are provided with online exam passes.

Written Exam
The first stage of selection for students who will be accepted into TED schools is the written exam for the full scholarship. TED covers the travel expenses of students coming from other provinces, as well as of one parent who will accompany them.

Interview and Visit
Following the exam, TED visits successful students and their parents at their homes, based on a pre-determined quota for enrolment. During these visits, TED experts administer standard psychological tests to students, and verify the supporting documentation for the information provided by parents during application.

Announcement of Results and Student Placement
Results of the full scholarship exam are announced on the TED website. Students who are deemed eligible for scholarship after the interview and visit are notified by the TED Head Office. Upon the announcement of results, accepted students are required to apply to TED schools and the Adana Bekir Sapmaz Dormitory for registration within the TED specified deadlines, subject to quotas.


Boarding school students who are granted full scholarship are placed at their respective TED school or the Adana Bekir Sapmaz Dormitory one week before the start of the academic year. These students undergo a one-week orientation to ensure their psycho-social adaptation. The content of the orientation program is developed by the Head Office Scholarships Unit and the in-house specialists of their schools in line with the needs of boarding school students.

Monitoring Scholarship Students
Day students and boarders of TED schools and the Adana Bekir Sapmaz Dormitory are subject to the general counseling program of their respective institutions. In addition, these students undergo various other support activities during the academic year, which are designed in accordance with the Full Scholarship Student Annual Monitoring Work Plan developed by the Head Office Scholarship Unit and carried out in collaboration with their schools.

In TED schools that do not employ an in-house psychological counselor and/or psychologist, these activities are carried out by teachers, or, preferably, independent specialists (psychologist, guidance counselor) as part of university collaborations. Activities of the school guidance counselors are reported periodically (at the start and end of each term) to the Head Office Scholarship Unit.

Revocation of Scholarship
The scholarship is revoked in case of the following.
a. The student receives another scholarship from a different organization, institution, school, association, foundation, individual, etc.
b. The student repeats a grade,
c. The student’s end of the year GPA is below 4.50
d. The student is assigned a grade of 3 or below in any course during a term,
e. The student is subject to disciplinary action including suspension, dismissal, expulsion or removal from the formal education system as specified in the Disciplinary Code,
f. The student is absent without the administration’s permission or information for 10 (ten) days or more,
g. The student is sentenced for any crime,
h. The student fails to attend any socio-cultural or other activities by the Turkish Education Association without any excuse,

The student, their parents or legal guardians will be liable to return all expenses incurred as part of the full scholarship including interest, and pay an additional 50% penalty on the sum in case of the following:
a. The student rejects the scholarship or the TED school to which they are assigned,
b. The student completes their current grade but does not pass to the next grade without a force majeure event,
c. In case the student’s household income changes beyond the level specified by the TED Head Office and this change goes unreported, and scholarship payment made after the change,
d. In case the information provided by the student, their parent or guardian in the application form is found to be inaccurate or misleading. In case the information provided by the student, their parent or guardian in the application form is found to be inaccurate or misleading.