Knowledge of foreign languages grows ever more important for communicating in the globalized world. One of TED Schools’ missions is to offer quality foreign language education. To this end, TED Schools follow the TED K-12 English Curriculum, prepared to ensure standardization of foreign language education and improvement at the international level, and approved by the MoNE Board of Education.

In consideration of changing student profiles and needs, we include applications that develop 21st century skills within our English program. Through trainings organized in collaboration with Cambridge English, International House and Oxford Teachers Academy, we provide our English teachers constant guidance and in-service training opportunities.

Our foreign language program aims for students acquire language proficiency in line with their age and skill levels. Within the program, students work on their skills of using information meaningfully and making decisions, problem solving, research and development, questioning, exploring and analyzing. We provide students with opportunities to monitor and evaluate their own progress in language acquisition.

In language education, our main goal is to foster enthusiasm, curiosity and love for the target language. For preschool and primary school students, we prioritize developing oral skills.

Foreign language education at TED Middle and High Schools is student-centered and focus on developing listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. In class, students have the opportunity to express themselves and use the language in a variety of settings. Considering the differences in students’ learning strategies, a variety of teaching techniques are employed.

Second Foreign Languages

In our Second Foreign Languages program, students choose a language among the languages offered by our school. They learn a second foreign language with a communicative approach.

TED Schools aim for students to be able to easily read and write intermediate level texts, comprehend what they read, express their opinions on current affairs and subjects of their interest in a second foreign language.