News and Announcements

8 Mayıs 2023

We are Happy to Announce that TED Rönesans College Has Been Accredited by Global Schools Program!

5 Ekim 2022

Early Registration Period For the AP Exams

The early registration period for the AP (Advanced Placement) exams will be open until the 13th of November. Click for detailed information and registration.
27 Eylül 2022

Our 2022 Graduates University Achievements

12 Ekim 2021

Digital Transformation in Education: TED Rönesans College-Academy Module “GESS Awards” Finalist!

14 Ekim 2020

New School Design in Health, Academic, Social-Emotional and Communicative Dimensions at TED Rönesans College during the Pandemic Period

31 Mart 2020

Update abount International Programmes

We are in regular contact with the international examination bodies in relation to the Covid19 situation. As and when we learn of significant updates, we share […]
23 Ocak 2020

Join the TED Rönesans College Family!

Native speaker teacher applications for TED Schools (except TED Ankara and TED İstanbul College) are submitted to Applicants are to hold the qualifications defined by […]