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23 Ocak 2020
New School Design in Health, Academic, Social-Emotional and Communicative Dimensions at TED Rönesans College during the Pandemic Period
14 Ekim 2020

We are in regular contact with the international examination bodies in relation to the Covid19 situation. As and when we learn of significant updates, we share these with our teachers who in turn inform their students. For Cambridge Language Exams, BTECs, Canada Double Diploma and Oxford AQA exams there is the possibility these exams can be carried out when school reopens in May alternatively these exams might be postponed to the beginning of next academic year.  APs, TOEFL and IELTS are all offering online solutions. Please check regularly the links above or contact your child’s subject teacher for updates. Thank you. TED Rönesans International Programmes Office.



International Programmes at TED Rönesans College

Cambridge Language Exams (Flyers grade 4 & PET grade 7)

Pearson/Edexcel BTECs (grades 7 to 10)

Canada Double Diploma (grade 9)

Oxford AQA GCSE English (grade 10)

College Board APs (grade 11)



TOEFL (grade 11)

IELTS (grade 11) and IDP exam centre