Digital Transformation in Education: TED Rönesans College-Academy Module “GESS Awards” Finalist!

New School Design in Health, Academic, Social-Emotional and Communicative Dimensions at TED Rönesans College during the Pandemic Period
14 Ekim 2020
Our 2022 Graduates University Achievements
27 Eylül 2022
TED Rönesans College Academic Module, which we have developed by adapting the requirements of the hybrid education system and the rich e-platform variety of blended education, to our school portal, and which came into existence with the introduction of the concept of "Distance Education" in March 2020; brings together all processes conducted face-to-face with student, teacher and parent interaction online on a single platform. Institution-specific, student-based and user-friendly TED Rönesans College “Academy Module”, was the finalist in the “GESS Awards-Best Use of Digital Learning in the Classroom” category at the GESS Education Summit International Education Excellence Competition, which will be held for the eighth time this year. The category winners will be announced at the ceremony to be held in Dubai on November 15, 2021, with the participation of education professionals from all over the world who applied for the competition. As the TED Rönesans College family, we are proud to represent our country and the TED community in the final.