Physical Education

In Physical Education and Sports classes at the high school level, we build on the basic technical knowledge and practices acquired in middle school and also include tactical exercises for the sports in the curriculum. Furthermore, through to the end of 12th grade, students work in groups; learning, applying and teaching the basic technical moves in these sports using their own methods and techniques. This practice helps improve students’ awareness and sense of responsibility. Students learn about the world of sports, develop and practice skills for achieving wellness and a healthy diet.

The Physical Education department monitors students’ development and dispositions in sports and aim for them to reach their highest potential. Every September we run performance tests on the eight fundamental physical education skills for all grade levels to determine our students’ suitability for different sports and track their development with the school monitoring program. We provide guidance for students aged 8 and above who aim for a career in sports. We hold after-school team practices and we represent our school in tournaments at the district or province level.