Social Sciences

Social Studies has a unique role in enabling people to fully understand themselves and their surroundings from various perspectives throughout history, to form their stance in life based on this understanding, to adapt and improve it according to changing life conditions and transform it into a lifestyle.

With the Age of Enlightenment, the importance of social science grew, further securing its place within the world of science with different methods resulting from the post-industrial revolution social, political and economic changes. Along these lines, different social sciences disciplines continued developing their own methods and techniques within the productive, organized, rational and realistic structure of science and knowledge. National and global progress and integrating this progress with science requires significant studies and research.

Along these lines, Social Sciences department’s main goal is to raise TED students with a modern perspective and enthusiasm to question, inquire and explore the world from different viewpoints and to fully understand it.

With the department activities, we aim for our students to grow as individuals who:

• Respect Ataturk’s principles and reforms, democratic values and human rights,
• Understand and interpret social events throughout history and the connections between these,
• Grasp significant contemporary events that may affect the future,
• Respect the nature and humans with an eco-conscious approach, and appreciate and protect national and cultural values,
• Are tolerant and independent thinkers with critical and analytical thinking, discussion, analysis, and interpretation skills,
• Have advanced problem solving and decision-making skills,
• Understand the importance of communication in personal and social life,
• Recognize the characteristics and significance of scientific studies,
• Read, explore and research,
• Display sensitivity towards national and global problems and endeavor to develop solutions,
• Possess an objective perspective,
• Are open to change; recognize and easily adapt to the continuous change and progress in personal and social life.