The main goal of the Information Technologies class is to help raise individuals who are able to adapt to evolving technology, keep themselves up-to-date and take their place in the information society. We aim to enable our students to use technology in an active, creative and versatile way. To this end, our students learn to use information technologies as a tool in all fields and carry this habit into their daily lives as well.

Mandatory in grades 5-6 and offered as an elective course in grades 7-8, the information technologies course embraces a student-centric approach. The language of instruction is English in 5th grade and Turkish in grades 6-8.

IT classes at the middle school level aim to enable students to:

• Gain insights into technology, and to use it effectively and efficiently,
• Understand the uses of technological devices in daily life,
• Learn about computer hardware and software,
• Understand the operating principles of computers, machines and robots,
• Learn about concepts such as Internet security, cyber-bullying and IT ethics,
• Adhere to the principles of digital citizenship,
• Use visual, word processing, presentation, spreadsheet software appropriately,
• Learn cloud computing and use Google education tools,
• Apply design-thinking and develop products using various software,
• Gain analytical thinking, algorithmic thinking and problem solving skills,
• Transition from block-based programming to text-based programming and develop projects,
• Learn coding through robotic materials and grade-appropriate applications.

The Information Technologies classes follow a computer-assisted formatting and interdisciplinary study approach using digital resources for topics that will be covered through the academic year, as identified by a joint education plan developed with participation from teachers from other course subjects. The classes take place in the PC Laboratory equipped with Windows-based personal computers and Chromebooks, with one computer for each student. In addition, Maker Kids Club, Digital Game Development Club and Lego Robotics Club activities takes place during the two club hours each week, enabling students learn about the importance of creating and producing with technology via various activities.

Information Technologies Events for Middle School Students:
• Europe Code Week
• Hour of Code
• Safer Internet Day
• TUBITAK Research Projects Competition
• IT Week
• Scratch Day
• TED Rönesans College School Maker Faire
• MakeX Robotics Competition