The overall goal of the Science department is to ensure all students grow as individuals with a universal perspective, who are able to use laboratory equipment, conduct studies using scientific methods, interpret these studies, explain scientific information using scientific terminology, grasp the relationship between science and technology and produce interdisciplinary products, think analytically, observe what occurs around them and make accurate inferences, follow and interpret scientific articles and technological developments.

All student-centered experiments and activities carried out throughout the year are designed in line with students’ vital needs. Our classes that are also designed accordingly serve to raise students as individuals who question, inquire, explore, think critically, solve problems, make decisions, commit to lifelong learning, keep their curiosity about their surroundings and the world alive.

In grades 5-8, Science classes are offered in Turkish with a student-centered approach. As Science classes are held in laboratories, experiments make up a significant portion of lessons. In addition, in grades 5-6, English terminology is introduced with the Brainpop application. Our 8th grade curriculum includes high school entrance exam preparation activities as well; 8th grade students are supported with study sessions and exercises to enhance test-solving strategies.

Science instruction is based on the principles of active learning and teaching. This method is expected to not only provide students with information, but also develop students’ cooperation and discussion skills and interpersonal relationships. Our teachers use methods such as Q&A, projects, laboratory exercises, 3D laboratory exercises to establish concepts, in-class demonstrations of experiments, fieldtrips and observations, discussions, lectures, problem solving and drama in teaching science.

The results of all students’ in-school and external mock examinations and in-class examinations are analyzed. Each student’s progress is monitored and recorded statistically based on examination results. Consultations are organized regarding students’ progress and performance and necessary measures are taken.
Department Events:
• National and international FLL Tournaments
• TUBITAK, This Is My Work and national-international project competitions
• In-school and external science examinations and quiz competitions
• Science fieldtrips (Rahmi Koç Museum, ITU Science Center, Nezahat Gökyiğit Botanic Garden, Izmir Space Camp, Saint Joseph Natural Sciences Center, etc.)